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5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ezekiel Bread

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Ezekiel bread has grown in popularity over the last few years with health conscious individuals due to its high levels of nutrition and health promoting abilities. It is known for being a type of sprouted bread that is made up from whole grain varieties and legumes that have begun to sprout. It is packed with fibre and offers unique health benefits for those who consume it. Now, lets discuss some of the amazing health benefits of consuming ezekiel bread regularly.

1. First, ezekiel bread is a great source of nutrition and contains many different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support our health. More specifically, ezekiel bread contains thiamin, phosphorus, niacin, magnesium, zinc and iron. It is also packed with dietary fibre and is a good source of protein.

2. Ezekiel bread can also help to improve overall digestion and promote the health of the digestive tract. This is often attributed to the great level of dietary fibre found in it. In just a 34 gram serving of ezekiel bread, or about one slice of bread, there is about 3 grams of dietary fibre. This fibre along with its many different nutrients can help to increase nutrient uptake from the healthy foods we eat, while also reducing symptoms of bloating, constipation and cramps.

3. Consuming ezekiel bread can also help to promote the overall health of our heart many different ways while also reducing the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that sprouted grains and ezekiel bread can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The high fibre and nutrients can also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, such as lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol, while also promoting the health of the blood vessels and arteries.

4. It can also help to regulate blood sugar levels and promote feelings of fullness and satiety. Ezekiel bread contains a lower amount of carbohydrates that other types of bread, which means it will have less of an overall impact on blood sugar levels. It also is low in sugars when compared to other breads, such as white bread. This mean it will cause less of a spike in blood sugar. As well, the high levels of fibre and protein can promote fullness, which can decrease snacking or overeating throughout the day.

5. Lastly, consuming ezekiel bread regularly can help to improve the look and health of the skin. This is because ezekiel bread contains skin healthy nutrients such as vitamin E and other antioxidant compounds. These nutrients and compounds can help to naturally moisturize the skin and reduce the signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Also, they can help to remove free radicals that can damage the skin and compromise its health.

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