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In this video I review the elusive Sola 3 Net Carb Bread currently sold at Costco. Sola Bread is sold online as well. The Bread comes in two varieties Multiseed and Golden Wheat. I also do a taste test with Kerry Gold Grass Fed Butter. The taste test on Sola's 3 Net Carb Bread was a success as both loaves of bread tasted like real bread.

Upon conducting a taste test on Sola's Bread, I felt satisfied and satiated with the texture and taste. I will say that I developed some cravings for carbs after eating a slice of each bread. but they subsided after a few minutes. I was really impressed by the taste, smell and consistency of the bread.

But unfortunately, the ingredients are really a deal breaker for anyone following a Ketogenic diet. They are made with Wheat, Gluten, Oats and Soy. Sola's 3 Net Carbs is comprised of Total Carbohydrate of 7 grams and dietary fiber of 4 grams. If you subtract these two figures, then you're left with Zero Net Carbs.

I wouldn't recommend this bread to anyone following a Ketogenic protocol. But, if you're having a higher carb day or following a Low Carb eating plan, then I would recommend you consume this Bread. You will get the satiating effect from eating a real bread while still maintaining a low carb approach.

My blood glucose levels indicated that my blood sugar did raise after consuming two slices of bread, but after a few hours I was right back into ketosis.

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