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Identity || David Bowden || Spoken Word Poem

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In Poetry

"You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession" 1 Peter 2:9

Let me introduce your to yourself. In this new Spoken Word Poem, these four statements of identity are applied negatively to who we are without Jesus, effectively to who Jesus is on our behalf, and positivlely to who we are now if we are in Jesus.

The idea can be outlied like this:

Without Jesus
1. You are alone
(You are unchosen and without a people)
2. You are cut off
(Instead of representing God to the world as a priest, you have no representative)
3. You are stained
(You are unholy instead of holy; unclean instead of clean)
4. You are under the shroud of slavery
(You are possessed by death and sin instead of God)

1. He is God's Special Possession
(He was God's possession, but became gave it up so God could possess us)
2. He is Holy Nation
(He was perfect, but left his purity to take on our impurity)
3. He is the Royal Priesthood
(He did not need a mediator, but he was separated so that he could mediate for us)
4. He is the Chosen One
(He was chosen before the world to endure all this to bring us to God)

With Jesus
1. You are now the Chosen People
(You are no longer alone or unwanted, but in a family chosen by God)
2. You are now the Royal Priesthood
(You are no longer an enemy of God, but his hopeful represenative)
3. You are now the Holy Nation
(You are no longer unclean, but have been credited with the full righteousness of Jesus)
4. You are now God's Special Possession
(You are not possessed by death, but possessed by God eternal, persevering love)

I pray this video is a blessing to you and that it shows you the Gospel through the lens of 1 Peter 2:9 in a beautiful new way.
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