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My rock songs, my Christian music, is teaching people about Jesus Christ love, I perform and wicked men turn from their wickedness

Christ gave me the job to help to make this world a better place, through the music, Satan told people after they die, they will be born in a next body, so a man will walk in a crowd of people, with a bomb on him, and kill everyone in the crowd including himself, babies, innocent people, have a heart help me to make this world a better place, I am not asking for money just a little love, help me spread the love, if you need me me to do anything, just contact me, and if I can do it I will do it right away, I promise

I have a lot of songs, that never been heard on planet Earth before, so if you help me promote my songs, I can release a new song every month, please click the link below, for very important info, and to hear my songs, and follow me on Instagram below, also for, very important info,thanks peace, my name is: Mr turn

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